Registered Agents

Registered Agent Requirements

A Registered Agent provides a legally required and necessary service – to accept lawsuits and other official notices on behalf of the company. While hopefully you are not going to be sued, it is a legal requirement that every corporation, LLC or LP have someone present in the state of incorporation or qualification to accept service of process.

Whether you incorporate with us or are just looking to switch to a new Registered Agent, Sutton Law Center and its affiliates provide Registered Agent services in all 50 states.

Why You Need A Registered Agent

The important point is that you have a valid Registered Agent in each state. Failure to do so can mean that a lawsuit could be served on you without proper notice. A default judgment would follow, whereby you lose without even having the chance to defend yourself.

Registered Agent Fees

The service is not expensive. It is only $125 per year, per state. (And note that the service is free for the first year in your state of formation.)

Even if you have incorporated somewhere else or just need a new and more responsive Registered Agent, you can utilize our services.

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