“Garrett Sutton is my corporate advisor for asset protection and privacy strategies.  I highly recommend the services he and his staff at Corporate Direct provide. My Rich Dad always said to control everything while owning nothing. Garrett and his team will professionally assist you in accomplishing this important wealth protection objective.”

Sutton Law Center made it so easy for me during a stressful time.  You took care of all the paperwork and filing and all I had to do is sit back and wait for my corporation papers to come in the mail.  I would not know the first thing to do to set up my corporation or where to file.  You made it so easy to get my business license in California.  Now I know I have the security of owning a company with all the right papers and was also able to set up my new bank account without a problem.  I will always use your services.  Thank you again.

I would just like to thank Mr. Sutton for putting together this network.  It has been invaluable for my sister and I in accomplishing our entity formations.  Having one source to go to for our legal and accounting needs has helped tremendously.  Everyone I have dealt with has been professional, knowledgeable and friendly!

“I just wanted to say that I am halfway through ‘How to buy and sell a business’ and I can’t emphasize enough how much of a great resource this is. One can hear the voice of experience in your writing, and I can see very vividly the kind of pitfalls I am learning how to avoid. It’s amazing how a book that cost less than twenty dollars can save an aspiring entrepreneur from utter financial ruin.”

Mr. Sutton, thank you so much for writing ABC’s of Getting Out of Debt! My wife and I have been struggling with finances for some time and need a reliable and honest way of getting out of debt. Your book outlined many great ways to fix and rebuild our credit. Within 5 years we will be out of debt, own our home, and will hopefully own and operate our own daycare. Thank you for your advice, and I look forward to reading more of your books.

“I am looking to do business online. I need a business name and tax ID to deal with the wholesale suppliers. I am also looking to acquire a property for cash flow. I want to protect this asset. I have read a few of Mr. Garrett Sutton’s books from the Rich Dad’s series: Own Your Own Corporation, The ABC’s of Getting Out of Debt, and Real Estate Advantages. I also listen to his audio CD, The Power of Owning Your Own Corporation, at least once a week. Excellent information!”

“I just want to take this moment to Thank You for the great Books that you have written. I finished reading the Own Your Own Corporation and The Abc’s of Writing Winning Business Plans. You really gave me an ephiphany on our Small Business Planning, Protection, Management System and Organization. I’m still going through writing the business plan now though. Thank you again for being so great.”

As a Real Estate Broker/Owner of a large Coldwell Banker Office in San Jose, one would assume I would be aware of many of the topics that you covered in your informative seminar. Assuming gets many of us in trouble. The information made me aware of how vulnerable we are, no matter what our business is. I am a real estate professional, not an asset protection professional. Now I know where to go and how to cover my assets. I am thankful your seminar finally got me to see the light. When you gave examples of where “attack #1” will come from, followed by where “attack #2” will take place, I finally got the picture loud and clear. I highly recommend your seminar to all business professionals, especially those in real estate because we tend to think we don’t need protection. After all, we have E&O protection. How scary is that thought? I am going to recommend to the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors to invite you every year to educate our members on the importance of asset protection from ‘attacks’.

“Like many, who have gotten off track for various reasons/excuses, it takes an action plan, and discipline to get on track. I’m a single mom, with a great job-elem. teacher, great kids, great physical health, living day to day and not making a dent into my credit card debt. Sure, I make all payments, even get them auto. withdrawn monthly and pay more than the minimum, but still find myself staring a dark tunnel. After checking your book out yesterday from the library, and voraciously reading and taking notes, the solution is all crystal clear. I devised the plan in paying off my 3 credit cards; a plan that finally makes sense, and I should be debt-free (20,000.00- so nauseating!) in exactly 1 year from now. So, a simple thank you, for writing such a no nonsense book, and not making the reader feel like they’ve failed.”