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Launching Your Business as a Corporation

Posted on: May 20, 2016
Sutton Law Center

One of the most important reasons to incorporate is to protect the individuals who comprise the business from personal liability.  If someone wants to file a suit, you want it to be against the corporation and not against its owners,…[ Read More ]

Reno Corporate Lawyer Assists with the LLC Formation Process

Posted on: April 11, 2016
Sutton Law Center

A Reno corporate lawyer can explain the different business models and the advantages of different types of entities. If a person decides he or she wants to form an LLC in Nevada, a Reno corporate lawyer can help the business…[ Read More ]

An Overview of Nevada PLLCs from Our Reno Corporate Services Attorneys

Posted on: April 4, 2016
Sutton Law Center

Professionals frequently ask our Reno corporate services attorneys about the best way to structure their business in Nevada. We usually suggest that they set up a professional limited liability company, also known as a PLLC. As the owner of a…[ Read More ]

An Overview of Nevada Single Member LLCs

Posted on: March 28, 2016
Sutton Law Center

If you want to form one or more Nevada single member LLCs, you will need to follow certain steps. Generally, a multi-member LLC and a single-member LLC are very similar when it comes to formation in Nevada. Step 1 –…[ Read More ]

How to Incorporate in Nevada

Posted on: March 21, 2016
Sutton Law Center

incorporate in nevada The ideal first step in forming an LLC incorporate in nevada is to hire experienced Reno corporate services attorneys to assist you. The rest of the process unfolds as follows: 1. Select a Name The name of…[ Read More ]

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