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Follow These Steps to Form an LLC in Wyoming

business men shaking handsIf you’ve wanted to form an LLC in Wyoming here are the key steps:

  1. Choose your Wyoming LLC name.

Under state law when you form an LLC in Wyoming the LLC name must include the abbreviations “LLC” or “L.L.C.” or the words “Limited Liability Company” or “Limited Company.”

As well, when you form an LLC in Wyoming your LLC’s name must be different from all of the other business entities already filed with the Wyoming Secretary of State. However there is some flexibility. For example, if someone already had the name “Victor Properties, LLC” you could still use the name Victor Equites, LLC.”

The staff at Sutton Law Center will help you with name availability issues when you form an LLC in Wyoming.

  1. File your Wyoming Articles of Organization.

Once you have your LLC name, the next step is to file your Articles of Organization with the Wyoming Secretary of State. Once filed and accepted you are a formal LLC under the Wyoming law. The filing fee is $100. The staff at Sutton Law Center will prepare and file the Articles of Organization for you. To form an LLC in Wyoming is not time consuming or expensive for you.

  1. Include Resident Agent Information.

When submitting your Articles of Organization you must identify a Resident (or Registered) Agent. This is your agent in Wyoming that will accept legal papers if the LLC is sued. To properly form an LLC in Wyoming you must include the name and address of a Resident Agent in Wyoming. Sutton Law Center provides this service from our office in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

  1. Prepare an Operating Agreement.

To completely form an LLC in Wyoming it is strongly advised to prepare an Operating Agreement. This document sets forth a road map for the LLC’s operations and include the duties, obligations, rights and responsibilities of the managers and members. The Sutton Law Center will assist in drafting your Wyoming LLC Operating Agreement and preparing your meeting minutes approving the Wyoming Operating Agreement.

  1. Annual Report.

Once you have formed a Wyoming LLC you must take steps to keep it current and in good standing with the state. While this can be cumbersome and expensive in some states it is a simple process in Wyoming.

A good standing LLC formed in Wyoming must file an annual report along with a payment of $50. In order to form and maintain an LLC in Wyoming this annual payment must be made. Sutton Law Center will work with you to make sure you current and in good standing with the State of Wyoming.

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