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Asset Protection: Finding Your Best Option – Corporation, LLC or LP

Incorporating and asset protection go hand in hand. If you are in business or hold real estate or other assets, you need to form a Corporation (either an S corporation or C corporation), LLC (Limited Liability Company) or LP (Limited Partnership) to protect yourself and your family from the tens of thousands of lawsuits brought every year. Incorporating can also provide tax savings and privacy benefits.

If you need to speak with an attorney to develop the right strategy for your specific situation, Garrett Sutton assists clients from around the world to structure the right corporate strategy for asset protection, privacy and tax savings.

Attorney Fees – Free Quarter-Hour When You Form 3 or More Entities

If you are going to form three or more entities, you are entitled to receive a free quarter hour consultation with Garrett Sutton or Tyler Altom, based on availability. With the proper deposit, this consultation can be conducted at no charge when you form three or more entities. Access a full list of fees here.

asset protection attorneyAlso Free with Incorporation – a valuable resource:Bulletproof Your Corporation, a workbook by Garrett Sutton, Esq., to show you how to limit your liability and protect your assets.

Please call (800) 700-1430 for more information. Or submit the form on the sidebar to arrange for a consultation.

If you know that you need a corporation, LLC or LP without speaking with an attorney, please feel free to read the articles on the various states (Nevada, Wyoming, California, and other states) and issues that you’ll find in this Website. (Or you might want to start with our FAQs on legal entities.) You may also call (800) 700-1430 to get started right away.

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