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California Incorporation

Why Incorporate in California?

Millions of companies regularly conduct business in California. If youIncorporate in California have a business nexus in California, then you are part of its tax system, which can be expensive and burdensome. Then again, you are doing business in one of the world’s largest economies, so your business benefits by location.

Are You Part of the California Tax System?

Here’s a quick way to determine whether or not you are, or will be, a part of the California tax system. Answer the following questions:

  • Do you live in California?
  • Do you have any employees (including yourself) who work in California?
  • Do you own real estate in California?
  • Do you have a business location in California?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you are, or will be, part of the California tax system. Don’t be fooled by less reputable companies into thinking you can incorporate elsewhere.

California Incorporation Package

Corporate Direct’s California corporation, LLC and LP formations are complete and include the following:

  • All initial organizational filings with the California Secretary of State
  • One full year of California registered agent service
  • Preparation of Bylaws, Operating Agreement or Limited Partnership Agreement
  • Initial Meeting Minutes
  • Issuance of Stock, Membership Interests or Limited Partnership Interests
  • Corporate Minute Book
  • Corporate Name Check
  • Instructions and forms for obtaining a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Our $49 book, Bulletproof your Corporation, Limited Liability Company and Limited Partnership

You get all of this for $695 (plus applicable filing fees).  If you form three or more entities with us the price per entity is $595 each (plus applicable filing fees).

California Incorporation May Be Necessary

Don’t be swayed by less reputable operators who promote incorporating in Nevada to avoid paying California tax on income made in California. It isn’t true, and that advice will get you into trouble.

Sometimes it makes sense to use a California entity for your California business activities and use another, non-California entity to conduct all of your non-California (and even worldwide) business activities. However, if you are a California resident and managing your out-of-state activities from within California, the state of California’s aggressive Franchise Tax Board will insist you qualify the out-of-state entity to do business in California for $800/year. Please call our office for strategies on how to deal with California matters.

Need to know more about California Incorporation? Or ready to incorporate now? Call us toll-free at 800-700-1430. Or email us today.

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