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An important aspect of an estate plan is planning for the possibility that your health may deteriorate, either temporarily or permanently, to such a condition that it prevents you from making decisions for yourself. Fully understanding the types of documents that can be executed to protect yourself, your estate and your loved ones can provide a great deal of peace of mind moving forward. Our Reno corporate services attorneys can help you through this maze.

Advance Directive

As the name implies, an advance directive is a statement that is written prior to the time when it comes into effect. A health care advance directive allows you to indicate the type of medical treatment you wish to receive in the event of a serious illness. Just as importantly, you are also able to decline certain care that may only serve to prolong life where there is no hope of recovery. To more fully protect your interests, our Reno corporate services attorneys may recommend two different health care advance directives:

  • Living Will
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

Living Will

A living will is intended specifically for end-of-life situations. It is a declaration that directs your physician to specifically withhold or withdraw life-sustaining measures. Your Reno corporate services lawyer will explain that under Nevada law, a living will becomes effective only if two conditions are met:

  • You have a condition that is incurable and irreversible that will soon end in death if life-saving treatment is not provided, and
  • You have lost the ability to effectively communicate your wishes.

Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

This special Power of Attorney allows your designated agent, typically a spouse, child, or close friend, to act for you in making medical decision if you have lost the ability to act for yourself. In contrast to a living will, a durable power of attorney for healthcare becomes effective in any situation in which you cannot act, not merely in the event of a terminal illness, and is therefore broader in scope.

Other Considerations

Health care advance directives should ideally be created when you are young and healthy. Additionally, you should revisit the issues regularly as the years pass and also when a major life event occurs, should as a marriage, divorce, or death of a close relative.

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