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Wills Explained by a Reno Estate Planning Lawyer

A Reno estate planning lawyer can explain that a last will and testament is a legal document that communicates your final wishes.

Roles of a Will

The primary purpose of a will is to provide instructions regarding the distribution of your property after death. However, there are many other important functions of a will. For example, wills allow you to name an executor and guardian for your children. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to direct how debts and taxes are to be paid from your estate.

Functions Not in Wills

While wills do have several functions, a Reno estate planning lawyer can explain that there are some functions that wills do not have. For example, you should not use a will to put a condition on a gift. Additionally, you should not use a will to discuss funeral or other arrangements of the sort after death. Wills commonly do not supersede beneficiary designation forms or trust provisions.

Legal Requirements

A Reno estate planning lawyer can explain that there are rigid rules regarding the formation of a will. These requirements must be met or a will may be found to be invalid. In order to create a will, you must know what property you have and what it will entail to leave it to someone upon your death. Your will must include the names of beneficiaries for some of your property. You must sign the will and have it signed by two witnesses.

Legal Assistance from a Reno Estate Planning Lawyer

A Reno estate planning attorney can walk you through the information that should be contained in the will. Since each individual’s situation is different, each will ought to be slightly different. A lawyer may ask you to provide details regarding the executor that you wish to name, as well as any alternative or successive executors. He or she may also ask you if you wish to name a guardian for your minor children or their property. An estate planning attorney may also recommend establishing a trust if you want to provide specific conditions and instructions regarding the disbursement of certain funds. Certain legal issues may make a will more complicated. For example, a specific provision may need to be put in place if you wish to disinherit a child. Other precautions can be taken if you suspect that someone may challenge your will when you are gone. If you have questions regarding the formation of a will, contact the Sutton Law Center at (775) 824-0300.

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